Mid-May to September - Niedernsill

The hike starts at the Tourist Office in Niedernsill and leads to the Lengdorfer playground. There the two horses are already waiting for you, who will be our companions from now on. The children are allowed to take turns on the back of the horses, and they also like to carry one or the other backpack.  

  • Bring with you: Backpack with drinks and snacks 
  • Meeting point: 2 pm Tourist Office Niedernsill
  • Charge: per person € 5.00
  • Free of charge for guests with the "Fun+ Card".
  • Registration until 12 noon in the Tourist Office Niedernsill Tel. +43 6548 8232

July & August - Piesendorf

You want fun, action and adventure on your vacation? Then you're in the right place at Isonta´s Kids Adventure. Discover the world of playing, crafting and exploring in nature from a new perspective. A big dose of fun is waiting for you! 

  • Meeting point: 8.50 am Hinkelsteinbad Piesendorf
  • Charge: per child € 5.00 including drink and snack
  • Free of charge for children with the "Fun+ Card".
  • Minimum number of participants: 4 children (5-12 years)
  • Registration till Monday 5 pm in the Tourist Office Niedernsill
    Tel. +43 6548 8232

Mid-May to September - Piesendorf

After the taxi ride you will go with the guide in an expedition through the beauty of nature. Learn at the guided hike worth knowing about the landscape and its minerals. 

  • Meeting point: 9 am Tourist Office Piesendorf
  • Charge: per person € 15.00 incl. Taxi (excl. cable cars)
  • For guests with the "Fun+ Card": per person € 5.00 incl. Taxi (excl. cable cars)
  • Bring with you: drinks and snacks, sturdy shoes and rain protection
  • Registration till Monday 5 pm at Tourist Office Niedernsill
    Tel. +43 6548 8232

Mid-May to end September - Niedernsill

Archery has become a real family sport!
At the "Fita place" in the archery area in Niedernsill you will get to know the proper handling of bow and arrow during a taster course. Experienced archers can go on an exploration tour to the adjacent hunting course. 

  • Meeting point: Tourist Office Niedernsill
  • Pre-booking necessary!
  • Charge: per person € 10.00 (from 10 years up)
  • Free for guests with the "Fun+ Card"
  • Registration at Tourist Office Niedernsill Tel. +43 6548 8232

    15th May to 25th September - Niedernsill

    Leisurely hike with detailed explanation of the wild herbs growing on site and remedial plants. Then you attach with the accumulated herbs a herbal oil or a tincture or stir a remedial ointment. 

    • Meeting point: 3 pm Jausenstation Burgeck Niedernsill 
    • Duration: approx. 2.5 hours
    • Charge: adult € 20.00 | child (8-18 years) € 11.00 | all prices incl. material costs
      children till 8 years free - € 4.00 for material if they want to make something yourself
    • For guests with the "Fun+ Card": adult € 10.00 | child (8-18 years) € 5.00 |
      kids till 8 years € 2.00
    • Registration till the day before 12 noon Tourist Office Piesendorf
      Tel. +43 6549 7239

    July and August - Niedernsill

    You create a magic forest with mysterious lights, wild shapes and eerie noises and melodies. At 9.30 pm (9 pm in August) all courageous parents, brothers and sisters and friends are invited to enter the forest ghost train.
    An unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

    • Meeting point: 6 pm Liebesbrunnen Niedernsill
    • Bring with you: drinks and snacks, if possible a seat cushion
    • Charge: per child € 5.00
    • Free for children with the "Fun+ Card"
    • Minimum number of participants: 5 children (from 6 years up)
    • Registration till Wednesday 5 pm in the Tourist Office Niedernsill
      Tel. +43 6548 8232

    Mid-May o end September

    The guided hike takes you through Austria's most impressive natural area, the Hohe Tauern National Park. Relaxed by taxi to the starting point of the hike, from there you can walk through the fauna and flora of the high mountain world. 

    • Meeting point: 9 am Tourist Office Niedernsill
    • Bring with you: drinks and snacks, sturdy shoes and rain protection
    • Charge: per person € 15.00 (incl. taxi, excl. cable cars)
    • For guests with the "Fun+ Card": per person € 5.00 (incl. taxi, excl. cable cars)
    • Registration till the day before 5 pm in the Tourist Office Niedernsill
      Tel. +43 6548 8232

      in a 400-year old farm house.

      Mid-May till Mid-September - Piesendorf

      Design a creative holiday gift to take away!

      Felting: You make "housepins" or a "seat cushion" out of wool, water and soap. Ulli and Ingrid will show you step by step how to melt wool.
      Soap production: Ulli and Ingrid will show you the skill of making nature-soap, which consists out of valuable essential oils.

      Afterwards you will visit the 400 year old farmhouse, where coffee, bread with honey and jam will be served.

      • Meeting point: 1 pm Mitterbürglhof, Piesendorf (Wengerberg 49)
      • Duration: approx. 3 to 4 hours
      • Charges: per person € 25.00
      • For guests with the "fun+ card": per person € 15.00
      • Maximum number of participants: 6 people
      • Registration till the day before 12 noon in the Tourist Office Piesendorf
        Tel. +43 6549 7239

        taster tour approx. 1,5 hours

        Skill training and fun factor included!

        On a Segway tour you will experience the fascinating nature and its surroundings from a completely new perspective. The tours are ideal for all ages, in all weathers and in all seasons. 

        • Costs: per person € 49,00
        • For guests with the "Fun+ Card": pro Person € 39,00
        • Timely registration: Tel. +43 6549 20421
        • Information: Touristik Oberkofler

        early registration necessary

        Experience a unique flying experience with an ultralight aircraft over the mountains with magnificent views of Zell am See and surroundings. 

        • Meeting point: airport Zell am See
        • Charge: 30 Minutes € 85,00 | 60 Minutes € 150,00
        • For guest with the "Fun+ Card": 30 Minutes € 75,00 | 60 Minutes € 135,00 (price per person)
        • Timely registration Tel. +43 6549 20421
        • Information: Touristik Oberkofler

        Flight conditions:
        Per flight one person with pilot possible. The ultralight trial flight is only feasible in good weather. 

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