Trail Running & Jogging

Running in nature

For all who want to use nature as a power station: Start running and soak up the variety - along forest or meadow paths as well as streams and the Salzach river - because, each trail has a character of its own.

"Take a breeze of, what we have plenty of: Stressless clean mountain air!"

Trail running is simply defined as goinin for a run in nature, mainly on unpaved trails. It's an extremely all-round sport activity that, of course, works the legs, but also the upper body. Lastly, it requires concentration and attention.

It doesn't have to be a mountain peak, it's enough if you are in nature. But the odd metre of altitude is part and parcel of the sport.

  • During the ascents, you alternate walking and running. You sometimes use poles or push on your legs with your arms in the steeper sections.
  • During the descents, you have to watch your footholds, landing on the forefoot to cushion the impact. You use your arms a lot for balance. Embrace the slope, run easy and have fun with the terrain!

Unlike running on a road, the terrain on a trail is very different. You run on small paths, stones, on grass ... Piesendorf Niedernsill offers you the diversity for the trails.

The routes are also suitable for Nordic walking.

Your Navi-Tools

  • Hiking Map & Hiking Guide from the Piesendorf Niedernsill tourism office
    The routes are listed with altitude profile and condition.
  • Tours App "Piesendorf Niedernsill erleben" - The app offers countless bike, mountain and trail running tours as well as hiking routes with offline storage, altitude charts, GPS and descriptions. You will also find interesting points from A to Z.