Bauernherbst in SalzburgerLand

Tradition and Customs

When our farmer's harvest their hay and refine the fresh products into smoket meat, pickled herb cheese or fruity schnapps, the 5th season has begun in SalzburgerLand. Here you have the opportunity to get to know traditional farm life during hikes, cooking and baking courses, harvest festivals and customs events.

With around 2,000 events between 20th August and 31st October 2022, characterised by rural traditions, genuine customs and culinary delights comes 78 Salzburg towns communities together to celebrate Bauernherbst.

Our Bauernherbst landlords serve culinary and sustainable specialities from the region in their inns - Kaspressknödelsuppe, chanterelle dishes, Pinzgauer Kasnock'n, ...

Sustainable, regional, local, fresh and typically Pinzgau - such delicacies and products are available at our farm shops.

Bauernherbst motto 2022: Outside in the farmer's garden - colourful pleasure, magical diversity!

Salzburg's farm gardens are enchanting natural oases that invite you to enjoy and marvel at harvesting and tasting.

Farmers spend many hours in their small oases, which are a world full of peace and tranquillity, where they plant, pluck weeds, rake, fertilise, water and harvest. And every year anew and again with the same joy. Gardens create work, but it's a thoroughly wonderful, satisfying job. Because the reward can be enjoyed every day, especially when the magnificent flowers rise into the autumn sky.

On our guided herbal hike (every Wednesday until the end of September) with Susanne Mitterer from the Naturzauberwerke Pinzgau, you will collect local wild herbs and medicinal plants, which are then prepared into a herbal oil or tincture or made into a healing ointment.

Bauernherbst Events in Piesendorf Niedernsill

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st August 2022Bartlmä-FestivalPiesendorf 
Thursday 29th September 202235th Niedernsiller Stund - Dialect writer readingSamerstall - Niedernsill
Sunday 2nd October 2022Harvest Festival Piesendorf
Sunday 30th October 2022St. Leonhard's Festival Filial Church of St. Leonhard in Aufhausen
every Tuesday till end of September 2022Guided mountain lovers tourPiesendorf Niedernsill
every Wednesday till end of September 2022Herbal hikePiesendorf
every 1st Thursday in the month from 5th May till 6th October 2022Village marketEvent Tent Piesendorf
every Thursday till end of September 2022Guided nature disovery hikePiesendorf Niedernsill
every Friday till mid-October 2022Baking bread in a wood stovePiesendorf
till October 2022Cooking and baking courseNiedernsill
till mid-October 2022Spin sheep's woolPiesendorf
till mid-October 2022FeltingPiesendorf