Quality-tested hiking and nature experiences

In Austria's hiking villages, passionate hikers can look forward to the ultimate hiking and nature experience as well as an optimal hiking infrastructure. Quality certification by the Austrian hiking kit mark of quality guarantees the highest standards of service and experience in villages, businesses and along the trails. Each region captivates with impressive natural attractions, from wild mountain streams to romantic alpine pastures and mythical power places.

Austrian's seal of quality

Your way to the perfect hiking experience

Hiking Villages

The perfect hiking village as a starting point for the experience of nature
In the Austrian hiking seal of quality the hiking village reflects the connection between the guest and the hiking infrastructure. In the destination, the main task of the hiking village is to prepare the hiker for the experience of "nature" and to provide a foretaste of possible nature, landscape and cultural experiences. An attractive, authentic overall appearance, the living and experienced landscape and an extensive "hiking infrastructure" are the hallmarks of a good hiking village.

Hiking Paths

The perfect hiking path
The leading hiking path guides guests through the region like a common thread. Step by step, the hiker should feel and experience the "magic of hiking" and the guiding idea of the region.

Certified hiking trails in Piesendorf

Certified hiking trails in Niedernsill

Hiking Company

Base camp or the perfect hiking accommodation
The hiking accommodation is the base camp of a hiking holiday, the daily hiking experience starts and ends there. In the accommodation facility, the hiker can rest, regain strength and prepare for further nature experiences. For this reason, a hospitable, demand-oriented service program of the hiking hosts, specially optimized for hikers, is the cornerstone for a perfect hiking experience.