Safe mountain biking and cycling holiday in Piesendorf Niedernsill

Uniform SIGNAGE of the MTB trails

Mountainbike Signs | © TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill

Uniform SIGNAGE of the MTB trails

Approved mountain bike routes and trails are uniformly signposted with the "Mountain Bike Guide System SalzburgerLand". This are roughly distinguished between wine-red routes and yellow trails (CAUTION! This does not refer to the yellow hiking signs!!!). In addition to directional and distance information, as well as additional details, uniform pictograms indicate whether it is an uphill, downhill or a bike park route.


If you follow the WINE-RED mountain bike signage and the GREEN Tauern Cycle Path signage, you are always on the RIGHT TRACK! Because your tour follows approved routes. 

Levels of difficulty

The classification of physical abilities, endurance and muscular endurance is divided into the categories BLUE "easy", RED "medium" and BLACK "difficult".

Indicator for the level of difficulty - easy  | © TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill

BLUE routes - easy

Family-friendly cycle route, also suitable for regualar bicycles, with good road surface. Well-suited for mountain bike beginners and those with light experience, as the routes are rather short and not too steep. There are no special danger spots. Danger spots are indicated by special markings (e.g. signage). The routes are up to 30 km long, have less than 600 meters of elevation gain and a maximum gradient of 10 %. 

Indicator for the level of difficulty - medium  | © TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill

RED routes - medium

Requires athletc riding skills and particularly defensive riding behavior. Mountain biking equipment is recommended. On the routes up to 60 km long, with up to 1,500 meters of elevation gain and a maximum gradient of 17 %, expect challenging, winding sections with hazards such as road surfaces (partly coarse gravel), drainage facilities and barriers (pasture gates, ...). 

Indicator for the level of difficulty - difficult  | © TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill

BLACK routes - difficult

Difficultchallenging, long and/or steep mountain bike trail that exceeds the maximum gradient of the red route of 17 % and has an even more challenging trail characteristics. Expect numerous moments of danger. Mountain biking equipment is mandatory, and a situation-appropriate, anticipatory riding style is required! Steep terrain at the edge of the trail is not secured; there are no speciall fall protection measures. The routes are over 60 km long, have more than 1,500 meters of elevation gain and a gradient of 17 % or more. 

Rules of conduct for coexistence

Some of our numerous routes can be used by both hikers and bikers. 

Fairness and mutual respect form the basis for a common together and the protection of the various interests in the natural area! 

  • Mountain biking is only permitted on marked and approved routes from 1st May to 15th November at the following times at your own risk:  
    • Beginning of May to end of August from 7 am to 7 pm
    • in September from 8 am to 6 pm
    • and from beginning of October to 15th November from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Biking is only permitted on marked routes! 
  • The priority of motor vehicles and pedestrians must be observed by mountain bikers. Special caution is required when mountain biking, as there may be hazards related to forestry work or hunting.   
  • Expect moving, stopping and parked motor vehicles, as well as wood stored at the roadside and therefore watch out for oncoming traffic.  
  • Mountain bikers must adjust their riding speed to the danger at blind or hazardous spots (sharp curves, bridges, cattle grids, barbed wire fences), or dismount and push the mountain bike in the area of these spots. 
  • Considering these particular circumstances, mountain biking should be done in a way that, if necessary, you can dismount and veer away when approaching a motor vehicle. 
  • On the approved routes, expect grazing operations.   
  • Mountain biking is only allowed with appropriately equipped mountain bikes (bicycle definition according to the road traffic regulations) that are suitable for the respective routes. Children up to 12 years old must wear appropriate protective equipment according to the helmet requirement in the raod traffic regulations.

Further rules

  • CLOSE all pasture gates and barriers!
  • RESPECT and PRESERVE the animal and plant life!
  • Leave no WASTE in nature!
  • AVOID noise and unnecessary skid marks! 


Rules with grazing animals on alpine pastures

Information on the safe handling of grazing livestock on the alpine pastures and meadows can be found under safe alpine pastures

Common rules of conduct ensure that the forest and pasture areas remain a unique recreational, living and working space for all in the future. Your behaviour influences the opinion and tolerance of the public.