Safe hiking holiday in Piesendorf Niedernsill

The beautiful alpine meadows of the SalzburgerLand are a popular meeting place for many sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and families. They love the diversity of the blossoms and the silence ot the forest - so they have something in common with the wild animals whose habitat they are entering. 

View from the Taxbauer over Niedernsill | © TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill, Foto Harry Liebmann

Farmers and hunters also appreciate the idyllic retreats. Forests and alpine pastures are not only their place to work - they also care deeply about the preservation of this ecosystem. The farmers' tasks in preserving a traditional cultural landscape with alpine pastures are many and varied. 

If certain FAIR PLAY RULES are observed and the RULES OF CONDUCT are respected, everyone will find their moment of pleasure on the alpine pastures of the SalzburgerLand. Those who go hiking with ATTENTION, RESPECT and CARE will be rewarded with lasting impressions of nature, friendly encounters and fantastic views. 

Fair play rules

  • Close all GATES carefully!
  • Stay on the MARKED PATHS & ROUTES!
  • SILENCE in the forest!
  • Avoid FOREST RANGES, they are the favourite places of wild animals! 
  • Don't leave any WASTE in nature!
  • Keep DOGS on a leash! 
  • Use the DOG WASTE BAG!
  • Keep RESPECT DISTANCE to the grazing animals and wildlife! 
  • Take CONSIDERATION for other people!
  • Avoid DAWN and DUSK!
  • Note SILENCE ZONES, as they are refuges for wildlife and rare plants. 

Behaviour in the mountains

  • Check the mountain experience and fitness of all participants - including children - before EVERY TRIP. Mountain hiking often requires sure-footedness and a head for heights. 
  • ACCURATE PLANNING based on tour descriptions and maps.  
  • Make sure you have the right EQUIPMENT and CLOTHING: especially sturdy, high shoes with non-slip soles, weather protection (for rain and cold), and plenty of water and food.  
  • Before setting off, inform the hut host, hotelier, landlord or friends of the DIRECTIONS and DESTINATION of the tour and the estimated time of return.  
  • Adapt your SPEED to the weaker members of the group. Hike slowly, especially at the start of the tour.  
  • Don't leave MARKED PATHS. Be careful when hiking on steep grassy slopes, especially when wet. Crossing steep snowfields or glaciers is particular dangerous.  
  • DON'T DROP STONES - Risk of injury to other hikers! Pass rocky areas individually, quickly and without stopping.  
  • If the WEATHER changes, if there is fog, if the path is too difficult or in poor condition, turn back. This is not a shame, but a sign of good sense.  
  • In the event of an ACCIDENT, remain calm. If you cannot help yourself, try to summon help by using your mobile phone, shouting, flashing lights or waving large items of clothing.  
  • Take the WASTE to the valley! Protect the flora and fauna! 

Rules with grazing animals on alpine pastures

Information on the safe handling of grazing livestock on the alpine pastures and meadows can be found under safe alpine pastures

Fairness and mutual respect form the basis for a common together and the protection of the various interests in the natural area! 

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