Tradition and customs

When our farmers bring in the harvest and turn the fresh produce into smoked meats, pickled herb cheeses or fruity fruit brandies, the 5th season in SalzburgerLand begins. You can experience tradtional farm life on guided hikes, cooking and baking courses, harvest festivals and traditional events. 

Draußen im Bauerngartl | © SalzburgerLand Tourismus

From 24th Augsut to 31st October 2024, the SalzburgerLand will be celebrating "Bauernherbst" with around 2,000 events in 78 harvest festival towns, featuring rural traditions, authentic customs and culinary delights. 

Our "Bauernherbst" restaurants offer culinary and sustainbale specialities from the region, such as Kaspresskn√∂delsuppe, mushroom dishes, Pinzgauer Kasnock'n and much more. 

Many sustainbale, regional, fresh and typical Pinzgau delicacies and products are available at the markets and in the various farm shops of our farmers. 

Bauernherbst festival | © SalzburgerLand Tourismus

Bauernherbst Motto 2024

"Tracht & Gwand"

Dirndl dresses and leather pants, "Haferlschuhe" and "Metzgertasche": the most beautiful traditional costumes are worn during the Salzburg "Bauernherbst". 

Traditonal costume is full of secrets that you can discover and experience with tradtional costume tailors, cobblers and craftsmen and at the many tradtional events during the Salzburger "Bauernherbst". 

Event highlights 2024 in Piesendorf Niedernsill  
Bartlmä-Festival Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August Piesendorf
Village festival & harvest festival Sunday 8th September Village square Niedernsill
Farm festival of the Niedernsill farmers' Sunday 15th September Niedernsill
37th Niedernsiller Stund -
Dialect poetry reading 
Wednesday 2nd October Samerstall, Niedernsill
Harvest festival Sunday 6th October  Piesendorf
Leonhardi festival Sunday 27th October  Filial church of St. Leonhard,
Village market every 1st Thursday of the month from May to October  Event Tent Piesendorf
Weekly program 2024 in Piesendorf Niedernsill  
Guided mountain lovers tour every Tuesday until the end of September Piesendorf Niedernsill
Guided nature discovery hike every Thursday until the end of September  Piesendorf Niedernsill
Baking bread in a wood-fired oven  every Friday until mid-October  Piesendorf
Spinning sheep wool  until mid-October  Piesendorf
Felting   until mid-October   Piesendorf