Ride in a horse drawn sleigh

Through the snowy landscape

Let your soul dangle and enjoy the deep snow-covered winter landscape with a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Put over the warming blanket and let the winter landscape affect on you. Romantic, cosy and suitable for the whole family, this pleasure is a welcome change. 


  • Family Foidl (Schaunberg)
    Registration: Tel. +43 664 4964 926
    Price on request!

  • Höllwerth Raimund (Hacklbauer)
    Registration: Tel. +43 676 7344 848
    Price on request!

  • Family Unterberger
    Registration: Tel. +43 664 1580 100
    Price on request!


  • Family Donauer (Kolbbauer)
    Registration: Tel. +43 664 6431 810
    Price on request!