Safe hiking holiday in Piesendorf Niedernsill

The beautiful alpine pasture of the Salzburg country are popular meeting places for many recreational athletes, nature lovers and families. You love the varieties of flowers and the quiet of the forest - you have something in common with the wild animals in whose habitat you go. 

Our farmers and hunters also love these idyllic retreats. The forests and the alpine pastures are not only their workplace - the preservation of this ecosystem is also a matter near to their heart. Extensive are the tasks of the farmers, who secure a traditional cultural landscape. 

With the keep of certain "Fair Play Rules" and with consideration of the rules "Behaviour in the mountains and rules with grazing animals on alpine pastures" everyone finds his moment of pleasure on the alpine pasture of the Salzburg country. Who set off on their hike with a little RESPECT, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and CONSIDERATION will be rewarded with enduring impressions of nature, friendly encounters and fantastic views.

Fair Play Rules

  • Close all GATES carefully!
  • Stay on the MARKED PATHS & ROUTES! 
  • SILENCE in the forest! 
  • Avoid FOREST RANGES, they are the favourite places of wild animals!
  • Don't leave any WASTE in nature!
  • Keep DOGS on a leash!
  • Use the DOG WASTE BAG! 
  • Keep RESPECT DISTANCE to the grazing animals and wildlife!
  • Take CONSIDERATION for other people! 
  • Avoid DAWN AND DUSK! 
  • Note SILENCE ZONES, as they are refuges for wildlife and rare plants.

Behaviour in the mountains

  • Before each tour check the mountain experience and physical fitness of all participants, including children. Mountain hiking often requires sure-footedness and a head of heights.  
  • Exact planning based on tour descriptions and maps. 
  • Pay attention to the appropriate equipment and clothing: Above all, sturdy high shoes with a good sole, weather protection as well as sufficient drinks and snacks are very important. 
  • Before your departure inform the hut owner, hotelier, landlord or friends of the way and destination of the tour as well as the expected time of your return. 
  • Adapt the pace to the weakest hikers of the group. Especially at the beginning of the tour you have to pay attention to slow walking. 
  • Don't leave marked paths. Take care when you inspect steep grass slopes, especially in wet conditions. Crossing steep snow fields or glaciers are particularly dangerous. 
  • Don't step off stones - Risk of injury to other mountain hikers! Rockfall endangered areas pass individually, quickly and without stopping. 
  • When the weather changes, fog set in, the path becomes too difficult or is in bad condition, turn back. It's not a disgrace, it's a sign of reason.  
  • If there is an accident, keep calm. If you can't help yourself, try to get help by using your mobile phone, shouting, light signal or wave with large pieces of clothing.   
  • Don't leave any waste in nature! Protect and respect the flora and fauna! 

Rules with grazing animals on alpine pastures

Information on the safe handling of grazing animals on mountain pastures can be found in the video.

Fairness and mutual consideration form the basis for a common together and the protection of the various interests in the natural region!

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